SuccessDNA Workshop

Subconscious Transformation ™ + Conscious Alignment = Results

In this 90 Minute Workshop you will learn about:

  • Heart Science

  • Brain - Science

  • Soul Science

  • Intergenerational Wisdom

I also take you through processes where we:

💫 re-pattern your brain on one incident that trips you up.

💫 connect to your ancestors for wisdom and support

💫 get a bonus to connect to your soul

This really is a great way to get to know about some of the processes that underlie the work I do.

So that you can truly heal, grow, thrive and expand in life, business and money.

Just $47 gets you started, and with tools you get to use over and over again.

About Me: Farhana Goga

Success & Money Mindset Coach

I grew up in Apartheid South Africa, in a non-traditional Muslim home. I have been a Psychologist for over 2 decades and I help Entrepreneurs, Misfits, Coaches, Woman with transforming their inner world for outer results in Life, Biz and Money.

I am on a mission to enable personal fulfilment, joy, inner peace and self trust as well as an empowered relationship with money, at any stage of life and business.

I work with Science of the Brain, Heart, Soul, Intergenerational Wisdom, so you can be the fullest expression of yourself, and create healthy relationships with those around you.

Subconscious Transformation ™ + Action = Results

You don't have to make lemonade with lemons.

You can throw the lemons away. You can get to choose what you do!

You don't have to let what is happening around you knock you over

What you do need to know, is what makes you tick, what your patterns are, and create a kind and loving relationship with yourself so that you can navigate life with all its ups and down.

This Masterclass, is a great start for you to start your journey into creating aspects which will support you as life does life, so that you can be all you are here to be and live your life by design.

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